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Happy Birthday Prime Minister
Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan
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Happy Birthday Prime Minister

Happy Birthday Prime Minister

The Creator has given her the power to carry the burden of miraculous joy of poet Guru Rabindranath Tagore. She has always kept himself overwhelmed and energized by the smile of the miserable people of Bengal, such as nearly half a hundred titles, honours, degrees or awards. She is none other than the daughter of Father of Nation bangabandhu sheikh mujibur rahman , our prime minister, Awami League leader Sheikh Hasina, a symbol of 17 crore Bengalis' hopes, trust and confidence.

Sheikh Hasina is mainly the name of a struggling woman. She is not known as a patron of family legacy politics in the subcontinent. Not comparable in any way to Mrs. Indira Gandhi, her son Rajiv Gandhi, Shree Mavo Bandar Naike, her daughter Chandrika Kumaratunga, Meghvati Sukranputri, Aung Sang Suu Kyi and Benazir Bhutto. Her path was not paved. She did not make her debut with a ministry or prime ministership in the absence of parents like Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi.

Like Bandar Naik, Chandrika Kumaratunga, Meghvati Sukranputri or Benazir Bhutto, she did not get rid of the political stage after a short time. Again, after a long struggle, she did not immerse himself in her reputation and reputation as a matwara in the ethnic cleansing by compromising power with a son like Aung Sang Suu Kyi; Instead, she has taken lessons from a friend of politics in the company of struggling uncompromising parents. She was deeply involved in student politics. She was the VP of Parliament while studying at Eden College. She was general secretary of the hall branch of the Students' League while studying at the university. After bangabandhu's tragic demise, the four-decade-long agitation, jail-oppression, captivity and inner-world-wide politician-turned-politician's door-to-door leader has been hailed globally as the dominant mahirah.

She is the only head of government who has dared to abandon the family policy. She did not give a scare to the taskars of her party. Pal's goda has converted the 'emperors' into fakirs and made the rule of law elevated by eating jail rice. The target of her greedising touched such a sky that she turned down the proposal to name the Padma Bridge after himself with a smile. The flag has inspired, energized the national team players on the playground; Sometimes she sent home food cooked with her own hands to the players.

Awami League leader Bangabandhu is tied up with daughter Sheikh Hasina in a relationship that is inseparable. It was difficult for us to see when the Awami League could come to power. However, in 1996, the Awami League government was formed under the leadership of Deshratna Sheikh Hasina. Her party came to power 20 years and 6 months after the assassination of Bangabandhu. His daughter is the Prime Minister. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib, the father of the nation, has been a disobedipotent for more than two decades. His victory is not just a Bengali slogan that is exiled but it is a mockery and condemnation. Independence Day and Victory Day are the background history of the freedom struggle absent from state formalities. The heroic story of the liberation war, the leadership of the liberation war and the governmen.

There is only one major who declared independence on the radio and on hearing that announcement, the people fought and defeated the captured soldiers and won, the identity of the captured soldiers is also hidden in the history created by them. But they may not have known that history was very cruel. The people of Bangladesh have now come to know how the conspirators made Bangladesh a failed state by guiding it into a Pakistani ideology.

Bangladesh is a country with a small size of political division, poverty and a large population. Here, the state has to be run by dealing with problems, crises, conspiracies in office, keeping the wheels of progress moving. The Prime Minister's path in this country is not smooth. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken herself to unique heights by achieving many impossible feats with outstanding determination on this thorny path. Just fifteen years ago, she made it possible to do so in this country— she has been steadfast in her decision. There is no precedent in this country like Sheikh Hasina in taking difficult decisions as Prime Minister and successfully implementing it firmly.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina have led the Awami League for the last four decades. Sheikh Hasina, who is currently in charge of the Prime Minister for three consecutive terms, had been prime minister for a term before. Sheikh Hasina, who is in charge of running the party and the state, has had to take many bold and difficult decisions at different times. Many central leaders of the Awami League were also skeptical about whether Sheikh Hasina's decisions were being corrected. But later it was found that Sheikh Hasina had achieved her goal and put everyone on the shelf.

It was unbelievable that the country's group, which had been involved in crimes including murder, rape, looting, would one day be tried on the soil of this country in the 1971 liberation war. War criminals were established in society with state patronage, got a cabinet berth. She was firmly committed to trying these war criminals and implementing the verdict. She came under great pressure at home and abroad for not implementing this judgment and verdict. She was requested by many influential states not to execute the death penalty for war criminals. Even then he did not back down. She relieved the nation of responsibility by implementing the verdict of the trial of war criminals.

Sheikh Hasina was also adamant in her decision to bring those who killed Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to justice in 1975. She did not withdraw from that decision despite various obstacles. She has been executing the trial and verdict of the killers.
The construction of padma bridge at a cost of over Rs 30,000 crore with the government's own funding is a bold decision and determination of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The World Bank withdrew from funding the Padma Bridge alleging corruption. After that, many experts from home and abroad opined that it would not be possible to implement the project. But Sheikh Hasina continued to implement the dream Padma Bridge project with the government's own funding. This incident is a setback for an influential company like the World Bank.

Sheikh Hasina's another concrete decision to complete the 2014 national elections without the participation of the BNP alliance is an example. She persisted in her decision despite many fears about completing the elections and forming the government later. The daughter of Bangabandhu, who returned home after six long years in exile, came home 40 years ago without Bangabandhu and with the torch of light in the golden Bengali of her dreams. Bangladesh, one of the largest political parties on the Asian continent, is also in charge of the Awami League for four decades. Five years of the first term as head of government and about 12 and a half years of the third term in a row. Bangladesh has gained a unique identity in the world under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. This is the position of the country today in the leadership, skills and honesty of Bangabandhu Kanya.

The country of that bottomless basket in Kisinjar is now not only a role model of development in the world but also a unique example of humanity. After the killing of the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with his family in 1975, several democratic governments and dictators came in charge of running the country but did not work to improve the fortunes of the people of Bangladesh. She was busy packing his sugarcane. Bangladesh's achievements in various indicators of finance and trade in the 50 years of victory have put the world on the table as the first term of the Awami League (1996-2001) and the country's economic plan for three consecutive terms since 2008. Bangladesh is also beating developed countries in poverty alleviation, economic liberation, reserves, growth and per capita income. The country's foreign exchange reserves crossed 45.10 billion dollars this month. The increase in foreign exchange reserves means that the economy is strengthening.

Starting at $129 per head in 1971, Bangladesh's current per capita income is $2,64. Before the country became independent in 1971, 80 percent of the people living below the poverty line were today only 20.5 percent. In the first financial year of Bangladesh (1972-73), the budget size of the country was Rs. 786 crore. At the age of 50, the budget size stands at Rs 5.68 lakh crore. In rural areas, electricity is now from house to house. The last annual total power generation is 24,000 MW. The production of foodgrains is 451 lakh tonnes. Before independence, it was much less. Export earnings for the post-independence 348.33 million dollar increased to 2,586 million dollars till February. Bangladesh is now far ahead of Pakistan in every index such as education, average life expectancy, imports, exports, reserves, dollar values, GDP growth rate and per capita income. Bangladesh is now ahead of India in many social indicators.

India is also looking for reasons for the surprise rise. After independence, we used to get Rs. 35-40 in India with Rs. 100. And now it's Rs. 85-90. Everything was possible because Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina took over the Awami League, the political party leading the independence. Today, being the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, the life and livelihood of the people of the country is also active in the corona epidemic. Many of the world's most influential politicians are also very tired. As they surrender to nature, Bangabandhu's daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is conquering everything with her immense bravery and humanity. Not only is she a skilled statesman in the Corona War, she is enrolling in history in the glory of the heroic saga of winning the war. From the beginning of the corona till now, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has led the people with commendable success and determination from the front. The government chief has taken a series of bold steps to keep the wheels of people's livelihoods running. She has given courage and enthusiasm, including providing various incentive packages to save big, medium, small scale industries. Humanitarian assistance has been allocated to unemployed and unemployed people.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's bold and landmark move has enabled the vaccination of coronavirus in Bangladesh. When many of the richest countries in the world have not received this vaccine, Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina has made arrangements for free vaccination for the people of the country. Recently, there was a crisis in Bangladesh over vaccines as India banned the export of corona vaccines. The Prime Minister announced at an event a few days ago that she would get vaccinated as much as he could. Addressing the first cabinet meeting after coming to power for the third term of the government, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that "steps should be taken for the welfare of the people and implementation of the manifesto". That is, we have to work to implement the vision given by the Awami League before the elections. Last year, mujib centenary began. 

At the beginning of Mujib's year last year, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had announced that not a single family would be landless. That is exactly the step taken. 70,000 homeless and landless families have been given pucca houses. Another 55,000 houses will be handed over next June under the shelter scheme, which is rare in the history of the world. Sheikh Hasina, daughter of the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who liberated Bangladesh with that dream, is completing that unfinished work. If he had not returned four decades ago and taken over the Bangladesh Awami League, such a Bangladesh would not have been created.

The world knows and understands him as the 'mother of humanity'. Instead of this brickstone city soaked in Bangabandhu's blood, the Madhumatighenba Baigar river, The Widow Tungipara, pulls him a lot, where his great father is lying in the sleep of eternal peace; That's where he has a great desire to enjoy his last life. So the government chief's intention to abandon the charm of mountain proof power in the pre-75 years of his turn is only to convince him- 'How old are you seventy-five, and how much?'

The good fortune of the people of Bengal is that even if the killer ring makes him a target of killing him 19 times, who can kill the soul of the widow who helps him? In fact, the Creator has filled her life with virtue and perfection even at the age of 75 as a constantly creative liberal human being and an inimitable statesman, in order to bring a smile of flowers to the sorrows of the miserable people of Bengal. May she live longer; Wishing her well and long life on his birthday. Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu, Bangladesh live forever.

The writer: 
Editor and Publisher, Daily Vorer Pata and the Daily People’s Time
Vice-President, Satkhira District Awami League
Member, Central Industry and Commerce Sub-Committee, Bangladesh Awami League
Director of FBCCI.
Founder President, Iran-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries

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