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Daily Letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina
Rashed Kanchan
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Daily Letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Daily Letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

(Self Explanatory, Privacy Policy, References, Acknowledgements, Disclaimers, Contact Points/Gateway, Mission and Future Projections of the Project Included: It is absolutely my Personal Daily Initiative & Regular Dedicated Project according to my Beloved Mother Mrs Moksuda Kabir-Ratna Garva Maa Awarded 2007)‘s Sacred Advice & Command to me to write & publish a daily basis letter/Note on the Anti-Propaganda & Conspiracies against the Legitimate Government & it’s Wings: In particular Legislative, Judiciary, Administration, Bangladesh Arm Forces Divisions, Border Protection Departments, Security, Law & Order Enforcements Agencies & Departments, National Security & Sovereignty, Anti-Social, Anti-Religious, Anti-States, Anti-Constitution & Presidency and also for the Nations’ including Ordinary/General People’s Interest,, Foreign Affairs Policies, Trade diplomacies, Remittence Earners, Agriculture & Farmers, Export Based Industries, Natural Minerals-Gas-Oils-Powers-Petroleums, Potential Global & Domestic Employments Opportunities, Prices & safeties of basic commodities, 

On-going Infrastructural Large & Mega Development Projects,  Communications & Transportation Systems, Information Technological upgradations, Foreign Direct Investments, Problems & Prospects of Future Generations, Basic Fundamental rights of the citizens, ongoing law & order situations, food & Environmental security, climate changes, Healthcare, women & Child affairs issues & also Anti-corruption etc strictly followed by the High Ethical Standard, Proper Professionalisms, Complete rules of business & responsibility of an ordinary citizen,  and also upholding the Constitution & its’ People with great respect & absolute humbleness to Our Honourable Prime Minister Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina MP. The Respect, dignity and Integrity of the Position of Our Beloved Prime Minister of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh will be taking care of with highest priority. Therefore, Everyone here in this Project are highly requested to act, Comment, Like, Share and Republish with the responsible senses of acts and manners to uphold the respect to the Highest Position of the Government of the Country. 

Rashed Kanchan Bangladesh (RKB) is fully dedicated to protect the mentioned information and will make every reasonable effort to handle collected information appropriately. Collected All information will be handled with care in accordance with Rashed Kanchan Bangladesh’s ’ standards for integrity and objectivity and respect for the privacy. RKB endeavors to comply with all laws and regulations that apply to the gathering and use of information, including The privacy laws and the Country’s General Data Protection Regulation and Digital Security Act-2018. This privacy policy describes the information we collect, the purposes for which it is used, and the choices regarding its use. 

The mission of Rashed Kanchan Bangladesh (RKB), in association with its intellectual friends & Professionals, is to create a more information public, one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas, and culture within Bangladesh and across the globe. To this end, RKB writes, produces, acquires and distributes opinions, information and other content that meet the highest standards of public service in journalism and cultural expression.

RKB is at its core a Pro-people sentiments. It’s content, whether on the Social Media Networks , on the web, or in any other form, must attain the highest quality and strengthen personal and professional credibility. RKB take pride in it’s craft. Individual journalism is as accurate, fair and complete as possible. I must work with honesty and respect, and my strive to be both independent and impartial in personal efforts. My methods are transparent. 

These principles are intended to guide my journalism, both as it is performed and as it is perceived, to help me earn and keep the confidence of the public. The principles exist not only to answer questions, but more importantly, to raise them. By regularly discussing and debating how these principles apply to my work, i will produce journalism worthy of RKB’s name and the nation I belong. 

The Subjects/issues and Content usually comes from the Selected Published Editorials/News & Current Affairs Stories/Think Tanks’/Professionals’/General Citizens’ Opinions etc.

Rashed Kanchan Bangladesh 
(The Most Ordinary but Extremely Proud Citizen of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh)

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