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Elder daughter, Brother-in-law became millionaires through her illegal affairs
Munia’s frequent change of lovers and feigned aristocracy
• Eloped with a father-of-two while studying in class nine • Fell in love with Bappi Raj after breaking up with another actor • Observed a two-day hunger strike in front of Bappi Raj’s house and threatened suicide to get married • Became an aristocrat call girl by joining Piasha and Papia syndicates
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Munia’s frequent change of lovers and feigned aristocracy

Munia’s frequent change of lovers and feigned aristocracy

Mosarat Jahan Munia, whose recent suicide triggered nationwide emotional reactions, was still a student of class nine when she had hooked up with one Niloy from her neighbouring village. Niloy was already married and father-of-two. But nothing could deter Munia from escaping home with him. Then her elder sister Nusrat Jahan filed a case against Niloy on charge of violence against woman at Cumilla kotwali police station.

She mentioned in the case, the accused has abducted my underage sister and taken her to an unknown place through coercion. I terribly fear for her life and honour, and thereby strongly demand immediate arrest of Niloy and necessary legal action to rescue Munia.
After a long three and a half months, the Cumilla police raided the house of a relative of Niloy in Feni and rescued Munia. But by then Munia and Niloy had got married and started a family. Later, in a village meeting mediated by the locals, Niloy-Munia’s marriage was dissolved through a large amount of fine, and the duo returned to their respective families. 

During her absconding life, Munia had to stay under the shelter of Hiru, a friend of Niloy, in Malibagh area of the capital for some time. At that time she frequented FDC and became accustomed to shooting, hang-outs, and dance parties. Then she developed interest for showbiz, but the duo was finding it difficult to hide from police because of the abduction case. So they had taken shelter at the house of Niloy’s relative in Feni. 

After the break-up with Niloy, Munia continued her education for two years, but after passing SSC, she had set out for Dhaka. 
After coming to Dhaka, she had contacted Niloy’s friend Hero Miya who helped her get a place in showbiz. Then there was no looking back for her. Her mastery over lies and deception made one after another man fall for her. Thus she started changing lovers just as one changes dress. Meanwhile, her daughter and brother-in-law became rich capitalising on Munia’s affairs with wealthy men. 
Piasha syndicate also helped her become a queen of deception just like Papia. People are of the view that she resorted to one after another fleeting affair only to make money for herself, her daughter and brother-in-law.

After the death of her parents, her sister and brother-in-law was her only guardian. But in the pursuit of making a lot of money, they did not care for Munia’s life. 
Her sister and brother-in-law earned a lot of money by letting Munia spend time with anyone. 
Allegations of loss of Tk 50 lakh from Munia’s flat have been raised in a viral audio record. Many believe that a portion of the money also reached Munia’s sister and brother-in-law’s house.
Mosarat Jahan Munia became the talk of the country after her body was recovered from a posh flat in Gulshan. Munia is the daughter of an ordinary family in Cumilla. Although his entire family is in Cumilla, she has been living alone in Dhaka since 2017.
After passing SSC, Munia’s dream was to work in cinema. With the help of a producer, she got introduced to an actor of Dhaka cinema. After a few days of live-together with him, her sky-high dream suddenly fell apart. She became embarrassed after ending her intimate relationship with that actor. 
At one stage, Munia got familiar with actor Bappi Raj. Later, they fell into deep love. They used to meet in private at Bappi’s house in Mirpur. They used to chat with many showbiz people in that house. 
One day Munia went to Bappi’s house demanding marriage. She also tried to commit suicide after staying there for two days. Later, Bappi Raj’s friends took Munia out of the house.
It is learned that Munia has disappeared from the life of actor Bappi Raj ever since. After befriending with a musician, Munia joined the Piasha Syndicate.
What Bappi Raj said about Munia
Actor Bappi Raj, ex-boyfriend of Munia, gave various information about Mosarat Jahan Munia. 
Regarding his affair with Munia, Bappi Raj said, “I had a good relationship with her. I liked her from the core of my heart. My whole family knew about it. There was a sudden gap in the relationship. Then Munia got lost somewhere.”
Bappi Raj added, “Last year I was in Khulna. I am still in Khulna. Then she said, we are married. Then we talked for four or five days, and she wanted to get out of there. Then she again got angry and block me.”
On asked when did they have the relation and where was she studying then, Bappi said, “In 2017-18, we had a relationship for two years. In fact, she used to share our issues secretly. I also talked to her sister (Nusrat) on Facebook. The previous ID is no more active.”
Mentioning that Munia was living in Mirpur at that time the actor said, “She liked cats, I used to like cat too. In this way, slowly, our relationship became deep. In the meantime, she suddenly disappeared somewhere. I realised that I was not getting her, and I just forgot her. Then we came in touch again in March last year.”
At one stage of the conversation, Bappi Raj became Nostalgic. He said, “Munia was very beautiful to look at. I wanted her from my heart. But I gradually came to know that she has a lot of troubles. I moved away because I didn’t want to get into trouble.”
Apart from Bappi Raj, Munia had multiple love affairs. She was so gossipy and took part in all kinds of gatherings. Due to her regular gossip in Hotel Westin of Gulshan, she also developed a connection with the much-talked-about Papia. But Papia didn’t think it was safe to be around the overly ambitious Munia. So Papia moved away from Munia’s side. 
At that time, Papia used to tell her relatives, “This girl (Munia) is very scary. She kisses the face of a snake and kisses the face of a frog simultaneously.”
Munia has also proved Papia’s forebodings to be true. Although she claimed to be the girlfriend of Bashundhara MD Sayem Sobhan Anbir, when she was staying in a flat in Gulshan with a monthly rent of more than Tk 1 lakh, at the same time she also maintained an intimate relation with Anbir’s enemy Sharun, son of Chattogram-12 MP and whip of parliament Shamsul Haque Chowdhury.
Even at the last minute, Munia has been texting Sharon to get directions from him about what to do about Anvir. The evidence of those SMS is now in the hands of the police. On the basis of this, police have already interrogated the whip's son Sharun.
Munia’s intimacy with Sharun
Police have launched an investigation into a case of provocation to suicide after recovering the hanging body of Mosarat Jahan Munia from a flat in Gulshan. 
On Tuesday afternoon, a source wanted to know some information from Sharun Chowdhury based on screenshots of Munia’s conversations with Sharun which has gone viral on social media. 
Sharun has recently come to light after abetting a bank official in Chattogram to commit suicide. Sharun has been denying the allegations. 
It is not clear that when the conversation took place between Munia and Sharun. The time is before five o’clock in the afternoon.
In that short message conversation, Mosarat wrote to Sharun that she was not well. Then she wrote, “He will not marry me. What am I going to do?” ’Sharon wrote in reply, “I told you before, don’t listen to him.”

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