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COVID-19: And Religious connotation
Mohammad Nazrul Islam
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COVID-19: And Religious connotation

COVID-19: And Religious connotation

Let us quote a verse from the Holy Quran the meaning of which is as under: "Mischief has appeared on land and sea because of (the meed) that the hands of men have earned, that (God) may give them a taste of some of their deeds: in order that they may turn back(from evil)" Sura Rum.Verse.41 . In the context of the above, such pandemic is a curse from the Almighty for the mischief of the mankind. All the mischief or corruption was introduced by evil viz. arrogance of power & wealth,selfishness ,dominance over the vulnerable ones,obscenity of womanfolk, etc. which ultimately remove God's mercy and goodness. The corona virus is an earthly punishment earned by our hands and a warning for the future and an invitation to enter the door of repentance.  A saying from the prophet Hazrat Mohammad(SM) may be mentioned regarding plague. 

The Prophet(SM) says plague is a punishment from the God and He pours it on those whom He desires but He blesses the believers with the same. If anyone afflicted with plague must stay therein (in the plague area) with utmost patient keeping in mind that he /she  will embrass what has been written down in his/her fate. This man/woman is a martyr if he/she died of plague. (Sohi Bokhari: 3474). There is no denying the fact Covid-19 has engulfed almost cent percent of the word in the form of pandemic as declared by WHO few days later since its inception in Wuhan of China. Still now it is spreading rapidly globally. 

Unthankfully, world scientists have failed to invent any antidote or vaccine to this virus leaving the whole word exposed to this dreadful pestilence. Now it is the widely discussed topic across the globe. It goes without saying that there is no creature which is out of the cruel paw of this blatant virus. It is now commonly agreed that Covid-19's blow to the global economy will be stronger and sharper than the global financial crisis of 2008 and even the Great Depression in the 1930s. To be precise, each part of the aggregate demand—consumption, investment, and exports—is being badly affected in most of the countries. Also, domestic, regional and global supply chains are severely disrupted, and it may take a long time to get back. If we look at the hierarchy of the powerful and rich countries, we can see that superior ones are dominating the relatively smaller ones at any cost to exploit the later economically or to prevail their own dominance over them. 

Let us look at what role China has played on the minority Muslim at Uigu-oppression and tyranny by locking them in detention camp at the nose of us is a glaring example but the whole world was remain silent. As result not only China from where the Covid-19 has originated but the whole world is now under lock-down. China backed Myanmar has conducted a crack down on the Rohingyas to expel them from ancestral land. Here is not the end of the story. What a dramatic role USA is playing to prevent war between Philistine and Israel and what is doing India to the Muslim minority at their own land and kashmir. Everything is questionable. 

Now our sacred places are locked down for which we can't approach there for prayer irrespective of cast & creed. It is regrettable that now Holy Kaba is under lock-down for weeks together and Saudi Arabia, close ally of USA, is under curfew due to widespread outbreak of the COVID-19. Re-medical measures: There is another saying from the prophet Hazrat Mohammad(SM) about what to do to combat this dreadful virus. “When there is a outbreak of plague in any locality, Prophet (SM) says," don't allow any outsiders to enter into the said locality  and also impose restriction on the outgoing of the residents already staying therein as long as the plague end"(Bukhari:5729). After fourteen hundred years in this era of digitization and great advancement of science and technology, the above mentioned Hadith is being followed across the world apart from washing hand with soap, maintaining social or physical distancing at home and outside and wearing protective cloth and mask. 

Finally, we all should be careful to combat the virus in the light of above lesson from Quran and Hadith apart from repentance to the God instead of taking these as religious bigotry. 

Writer: Deputy Director (Finance & Accounts) of Walton Group

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