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Bangla, Our Pride and Joy
Ashwini Bhattacharyya
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Bangla, Our Pride and Joy

Bangla, Our Pride and Joy

Thousands of corpse lay on the roads while the constant sound of shooting in the distance continue. Grenades being ambushed here and there and innocent civilians screaming in pain and agony. Blood stained pond water a crimson red while the scorching sun shone down on the aching land of Bangladesh. Young children, teenagers, and adults who fought with their lives, gave up their joy so that we could regain access to our mother language once and for all. 

They did all this, for us? Yes. Sacrificing their freedom to give us a happy and safe life. What can we do to return the favor? How can be show our gratitude and appreciation towards all those brave martinets?

We need to stop putting other languages before our own. Being bilingual sounds amazing but valuing a second or third language more than our mother tongue is disrespectful. It doesn’t show skill but rather neglect and ignorance towards the warriors who came before us. If we can all accomplish this, we show true skill, loyalty and respect to Samaritans of our country.

Learning about the history and roots of our past, we show dignity and diligence towards our saviors. We show that we understand the value of our own mother tongue and the independence of our nation. 

When we show interest towards the people who got our country where it is today, we portray a selfless, intriguing and curious part of ourselves. We show that we care. To us, these stories aren’t just stories but inspiration and pride.
Through these simple courses of actions, we can create harmony. We can be the ones to regain the respect and value of our past and hold onto it forever.

Ashwini Bhattacharyya
Class: IV
Section: Blue

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